Monday , January 21 2019

Medically unfit – Can I apply for dependent visa for my Wife?

I am working in a hospital under the Ministry of Health. I tried family visa for my wife. She was unfit medically. They told me to try after six months. Now 3 months only completed. I plan to bring her to Kuwait on family visa. Is it possible? If she will come on visit visa, is there any chance to change it as a family visa?.

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Answer: We don’t know the circumstances under which you were told to try again after six months even though your wife had previously failed her medicals. Granting that you were actually told to try again after six months, you will be going against the advise if you do it in 3 months and the possibility exists for your application to be rejected again. On the issue of the visit visa, we are sorry to state that under current regulations you will not be able to change a visit visa into a dependant visa. This is only possible for infants not more than two years old.

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