Sunday , November 19 2017

Media group unveils ‘fact-check’ network

WASHINGTON, Sept 22, (AFP): Fact-checking has a new global network after the media studies Poynter Institute announced plans Monday for a new body to support efforts to root out false claims from the media.

The project “will support and study the work of 64 fact-checking organizations spanning six continents,” Poynter said in a statement.

Funded by grants from the Omidyar Network of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and the National Endowment for Democracy, the International Fact-Checking Network will be based at Poynter’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Alexios Mantzarlis, who was most recently managing editor of the Italian-based fact-checking group Pagella Politica, was named director and editor of the project, which will launch in October.

Mantzarlis co-founded, Europe’s first crowd-checking platform. In addition, he presented a weekly fact-checking segment on “Virus,” on Italy’s public broadcasting network.

In his duties, Mantzarlis will highlight the best practices of fact-checking, and the impact of the work and will produce a weekly fact-checking newsletter.

“Poynter’s mission is to advance journalistic excellence that serves democracy,” said Poynter president Tim Franklin.

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