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Monday , December 6 2021

MC members raise voices against spread of ‘brothels’ in Salwa area

‘Residents complain total neglect since many years’

KUWAIT CITY, April 1: Two members of the Municipal Council (MC) have raised their voices against what they call the “the spread of brothels in the suburb of Salwa,” reports Al-Rai daily.

In a direct message to the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt-Gen Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah the members said this kind of behavior is contrary to the Sharia and norms and a stigma on our society, especially for the residents of Salwa. The Council member Abdullah Al-Roumi complained about the state of affairs in Salwa during a symposium which was held in his office, under the title ‘Salwa to where?’ The symposium was attended by a large number of residents of the area who also complained about, “the continuous congestion on roads and neglect of roads and streets by the Ministry of Public Works, overcrowding at the polyclinics where citizens have to wait for long hours to see the doctor.”

He asked questions to officials, especially the ministers of Interior, Health and Public Works, because of the ongoing neglect and deterioration in the area, which has continued for years. He spoke of the suspicious apartments and houses in Salwa, describing them as a “negative phenomenon” and described the concerned department in the Ministry of Interior as “incapable of dealing with the situation.” He added that he spoke in “more than one occasion about immoral apartments in the area. He asked the Minister of Interior about what is going on in this area?” He pointed out he addressed the Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah, and called on him to look into “the problem of the clinic which continues to worsen. The residents are fed up with the ongoing neglect of the area.”

Referring to the parking of the vehicles in the mosques in the area, Al-Roumi challenged anyone to find a place to park the car and go to pray. “‘Outsiders who come to Salwa,” he said, “take advantage of the parking lot of the mosque.”

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