Material, emotional comp for damaged car

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 19: The Civil Court awarded KD 4,371 to a citizen for material and emotional damages. On behalf of the citizen (plaintiff), Attorney Maryam Faisal Al-Bahar filed a lawsuit against a motorist (defendant) who damaged her client’s vehicle in a traffic accident barely 48 days after the plaintiff purchased the vehicle from a leading motor company in Kuwait for KD 20,000.

Earlier, the Public Prosecution charged the defendant for negligence, driving without license and expired insurance, but the Misdemeanor Court fined the defendant KD 30. According to Lawyer Al-Bahar, the verdict was unbefitting because the vehicle had been damaged extensively in the accident and the plaintiff deserved enough compensation to pay for the cost of repairs estimated at KD 4,200, thus she demanded KD 7,000 for material and emotional damages.

Following the verdict Civil Court’s decision, the lawyer revealed the intention to appeal the case to solicit compensation of KD 7,000.

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