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Marriage certificate

I recently read an article on the process for obtaining residency for a newborn in Kuwait. It was very helpful, however I still have one question: My wife and I were married in Kuwait, in a non-Muslim civil wedding.

Our marriage certificate was issued by the Ministry of Justice in Kuwait, so it is already in Arabic. We already have both the English and the original Arabic copies attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs already.

However, since the marriage certificate was issued in Kuwait, do I still need to have it attested by my embassy as well? My embassy would only attest an English translation of it, and as far as I know, the Kuwaiti government only accepts Arabic documents. So is this step necessary?

Name withheld

Answer: If you have a marriage certificate issued by Kuwait’s Ministry of Justice and attested by Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs then there is no need to have the same attested by your embassy.

Please remember that the requirement of having documents endorsed by your embassy only comes up if such documents were issued in your own country, not papers issued by any Kuwait government department or institution.

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