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Wednesday , December 11 2019

Mariano clinches FTBK Ladies Masters event title

Ibrahim, Arcayan emerge victorious in Men’s Division

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 27: At the conclusion of the 2018 Season 13 FTBK Tenpin Bowling Team Tournament Masters Event, Ibrahim Al Jadi of Al Qassem All Stars banked on his superb finish in the 8-game series competition to emerge victorious in Men’s Division Group 1 of this event held at the Cozmo Entertainment Center bowling lanes in Salmiya. The Men Group 2 side on the other hand saw unheralded and long shot Cozmo Salmiya pin buster Paul Arcayan relying on his tenacious performance in games 3 and 4 to grab the coveted title as he brushed aside the fast closing Mike Gonzale of the K2E2 Thunders. In the Ladies Division of this event organized by the Filipino Tenpin Bowlers-Kuwait, veteran campaigner Chit Mariano of NLB Corporation showed she still have what it takes to win by turning back the vastly improved and upset conscious Nikshita Shetty of Indian Bowling League.

The qualifiers in the Masters Event were determined based on the bowler’s average score in the elimination round of the team event and each participant must bowl at least 12 games in order to qualify. Suiting up to vie for the Men’s Division Group 1 title and the top prizes at stake were top qualifier Ibrhaim Al Jadi, Mousa Abdullah, JR Sabado, Rudy Zablan, Fadel Qassem, Romy Fermil, Aga Cuadrazal, Nasser Hajras, Ronnel Valencia, Chris Bulacja, Mahmoud Dashti, Jun Guerra, Aziz Aslawi, Faie Reyel, Ali Arqoub and Edwin Latoja. Grabbing the early lead was two handed kegler Mahmoud Dashti who rolled a 241 and 207 for an opening 2-game block score of 448 pin falls. Joining Mahmoud in the lead pack were Jun Guerra-406, Chris Bulacja-385, Ali Arqoub-383, Aga Cuadrazal-377 and Romy Fermil with 374. Through his 215 score in the next game, Mahmoud Dashti reatained the number one spot with his 3-game series score of 663 pin falls. Chasing the leader at this stage were Jun Guerra-609, Fadel Qassem-600, Ibrahim Al Jadi-589 and Chris Bulacja-573.

Even as Mahmoud Dashti continued to set the pace with his 858 score after four games, the battle for supremacy remained to be a wide open race among the other contenders namely top finalists Ibrahim Jadi-794, Jun Guerra-785, Mousa Abdullah-785 and Aziz Aslawi-774. In the penultimate game 5, the leader board saw a dramatic change as the quest for the title reached boiling point with Mahmoud Dashti now narrowly hanging on to a 1048-1047 lead over the rampaging Ibrahim Al Jadi who rolled a game 5 score of 253 pin falls. Contesting the second runner up post at this point were Jun Guerra-960, Mousa Abdullah-953 and Aga Cuadrazal-953. Going to the last game of the 6-game series event, Mahmoud Dashti and Ibrahim Al Jadi continued to slug it out and at the tenth frame Ibrahim Al Jadi emerged as the Group 1 champion with his final tally of 1246 pin falls. Mahmoud Dashti settled for the first runner plum followed by Jun Guerra who snatched the second runner up prize after nipping Mousa Abdullah 1153-1152.

In men Group 2, the masters event the contenders for the title were Jess Farne, Paul Arcayan, Siddharth Nair, Romy Daus, Isaac Livingston, Mike Gonzales, John Caldwell, Hussain Adnan, Colin Costa, Alex Nodalo, Mandy Manalo, Aji Varghese, Norman Conde, Hassan Qassemand Uly Meneses. After booking 195 and 219 in the first two games, Mike Gonzales took the early lead with his 414 pin falls tally. Also off to a good start were Romy Daus-401, Aji Varghese-382, Isaac Livingston-373 and Mandy Manalo-362. At the halfway mark of the 6-game series competition, Mike Gonzales stayed put in front as he dished out a 193 and in game 3 for a 3-game series score of 607. Paul Arcayanon the other hand closed in on the leader as he rolled in a 243 which increased his marker to 579 pin falls. Joining the two front runners in the lead pack were Romy Daus-571, Aji Varghese-560, Colin Costa-549 and Isaac Livingston-544.

In the crucial fourth game where he garnered another eye popping 236 score, Paul Arcayan grabbed the upper hand from erstwhile pace setter Mike Gonzales 815-772. Going to the remaining two games, Mandy Manalo is in third place with 743 followed closely by Colin Costa-742, Romy Daus-724 and Aji Varghese-700.  In game 5 Paul Arcayan kept the lead despite a low 165 that enabled Mike Gonzales to close in once on the top spot as he sliced down the lead of Paul 980-956. In third place with just a game left to bowl was Aji Varghese with 902 and hounding him were Hussain Adnan, Colin Costa, Hassan Qassem and Siddharth Nair. Carrying a 24 pin advantage into the deciding game 6, Paul Arcayan cruised home with a 187 and a 6-game tally of 1167 which proved enough for him to lift the Group 2 title. Mike Gonzales with 1154 grabbed the first runner up post while Siddharth Nair capped his remarkable comeback by taking the second runner honor through his 1112 score.

Finally, in the Ladies Division, the finalists were Nadine Dias, Jheng Liwayway, Nikshita Shetty, Liza Catapia, Gina Ashley, Chit Mariano, Joan Latoja, Dorcas Sansone, Jacky Guitang, Jane Nance and Maricar Ruben. Off to a flying start to assume the role of front runner after the first game was Nadine Dias with 188 pin falls followed by Dorcas Sansone-184, Chit Mariano-183, Nikshita Shetty-178, Jacky Guitang-164, Jane Nance-163 and Joan Latoja-162. Midway the 6-game series event, Chit Mariano who submitted scores of 240 and 181 in games two and four took over the pole position with her 604 3-game series score followed closely by Nikshita Shetty-509, Nadine Dias-506, Jheng Liwayway-504 and Dorcas Sansone-494.

Past the halfway stage in game 4, Chit Mariano retained the lead with 768 pin falls and still hot in pursuit were Nikshita Shetty-727, Nadine Dias-685, Jheng Liwayway-681 and Dorcas Sansone-680. After the penultimate game 5, the two front runners Chit Mariano (941) and Nikshita Shetty (905) kept their respective positions with Dorcas Sansone-864, Jheng Liwayway-851 and Nadine Dias-849 contesting the third spot. By closing out with a 169 and a 6-game series total score of 1110, Chit Mariano lifted the Ladies Division Masters Event title once again. Worthy contender Nikshita Shetty finished a strong second with 1072 while nailing down the third spot with 1032 was Dorcas Sansone.

By Miguel Carlos – Special to the Arab Times



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