Manpower transfers detailed

KUWAIT CITY, June 18: Public Authority for Manpower explained several cases in which the Department of Labor Relations and its affiliates are permitted to approve the transfer of sponsorship for employees on the basis of labor dispute, reports Al-Anba daily.

It pointed to seven cases wherein the authority and its concerned department can transfer work permit based upon cases filed by employees. The cases are as follows:

■ In case the relationship between the employee and the employer is that of a partnership and not work-related;

■ The employee is terminated by the employer without legal basis

■ The employee submits resignation letter and the employer accepts it without reserving or fulfilling the condition of ‘notice period’

■ Cases specified in Articles 48 and 50 of private sector Labor Law 6/2010

■ Employees having worked for the same employer for over three years and abided by the probation period of 90 days if the contract has no time limit

■ In case the employee notifies his employer of his intention to join another company

■ The employee asks the employer not to renew expired or about-to-expire contract having a specified time limit.

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