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Thursday , August 22 2019

Man nabbed for blackmailing, toying with women in distress

KUWAIT CITY, May 27: Police have arrested an unidentified person, whose nationality has not been disclosed for cheating and toying with the feelings of divorced, widowed and elderly single women, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily added, the man in a short period of time had allegedly made more than 100,000 dinars by blackmailing his ‘victims’. The arrest came after one of the victims, believed to be in her 40s sought police protection when the man started blackmailing her and filed a complaint with the Public Prosecution in the Capital governorate.

According to the complainant her friend while at a health club informed her that there was a certain trustworthy businessman who can help invest her money on her behalf. Out of curiosity the victim met the man and the latter promised to invest her money.

After meeting him once in a café, their business conversation turned into a love affair and the man proposed to marry her. She added, she accepted the offer and said she needed time to know him more. She then invited the man for dinner in a hotel lobby and during conversation he borrowed her cell phone just for fun sake, but managed to send the pictures from her phone to his. After dinner both of them parted ways.

However, a short while later the man called and asked her for KD 3,000. When the woman said she did not have that kind of money at the moment, he showed his true colors and threatened to post her pictures in the social media. The complainant later discovered from her friends at the health club that the suspect is a big fraud. The man was arrested after she agreed to pay him the money and police set a trap for him.

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