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Man killed by Chicago police ran away, reached for waist

This frame grab from police body cam video provided by the Chicago Police Department shows authorities trying to apprehend a suspect (center), who appeared to be armed on July 14, in Chicago. The suspect was fatally shot by police during the confrontation. (AP)

CHICAGO, July 16, (AP): A man killed by Chicago police had a gun in a holster at his hip and was shot multiple times as he ran away, spun around and reached toward his waist, footage released Sunday from an officer’s body-worn camera shows. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said it’s the quickest he has ever ordered such video released and that he hoped to dispel rumors that Harith Augustus, 37, was unarmed.

He also hoped that making the 30-second clip public would prevent another violent confrontation between residents and officers. Protesters angry about the killing took to the streets Saturday in a city that’s struggled with police shootings, especially against black men and other minorities. Some threw rocks and bottles at officers — including ones filled with urine — and police pulled people to the ground and hit them with batons. “The community needs some answers and they need them now,” Johnson told reporters Sunday. “We can’t have another night like last night.” He said Augustus’ family was in favor of releasing the video for the same reason.

Four protesters were arrested in the clash, and some police officers suffered minor injuries. Two squad cars also were damaged. A protest and march Sunday after the video’s release was calmer, with some demonstrators holding a moment of silence for Augustus, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. It’s not fully clear why officers initially approached Augustus. On Saturday, patrol chief Fred Waller said officers patrolling on foot tried to question Augustus over a “bulge around his waistband” that suggested he was armed.

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