Wednesday , September 26 2018

Main file – Factory Visa

I have read the previous posts. But I have the following questions.

1. I first entered Kuwait on a factory visa of the company. When I enquired with my mandoub he said I’m on the main file of the sponsor. What does this mean?

2. I am not a degree holder but a Technical Diploma holder with an attested Diploma certificate. I have completed 1.6 years in this company. Can I transfer to a private sector visa of a company since I’m on the main file?

Name withheld

Answer: By being on the main file of the sponsor, this means that the original factory visa with which you entered Kuwait has now been transferred to the sponsor’s main file thereby removing the requirement to transfer to another factory visa under a different sponsor. We must point out that even though you are now on the general file of your sponsor, transferring to another company in the private sector can only be done at the pleasure of your current employer.

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