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Saturday , August 8 2020

Low-cost maids in Kuwait just a phone call away; are they dependable?

Hourly-basis jobs lucrative for maids

KUWAIT CITY, May 4: A telephone call provides you with a domestic worker, and it costs you only two and a half dinars for an hour, reports Al-Rai daily.

But it is not so easy to break the ground behind it, and before you make this move, which seems attractive to some, you have to find answers to a number of questions, including: How to ensure that this maid is free of diseases? How will you ensure that she will not commit a crime in a house that she enters for the first time for a few hours and leave? And finally, how do you get to it if you discover the theft of the contents of the house? Al-Rai carried its questions to stakeholders for their opinion.

They were very cautious about dealing with maids on the hourly-basis system, and explained that “this phenomenon is not legal and contravenes with the domestic labor law that regulates the work in this regard.” “This is illegal, and I do not know why the Ministry of Interior is silent about who commits this offense,” said Khaled Al-Dakhnan, head of the Kuwait Federation of Home Employment Workers, despite the fact that they publish their advertisements openly in e-media, despite the fact that this phenomenon is against the law and harmful to society.

Al-Dakhnan warned that “Kuwaiti families are not allowed to deal with domestic workers on the hourly basis because they result in many thefts. They also threaten the security of the house and a danger to health. “The four hours of work cost between 10 and 15 dinars,” he said, denying that “the high fees for recruiting domestic workers through offices is the reason for dealing with the hourly workers.”

“Official domestic labor is cheaper and much secure than the hour system. It also protects against the crimes that workers may commit in the hours system, which are difficult to deduce in the event of any violation. The owner of the house has no information about the person and only has her phone number.

As for his assessment of the availability of domestic workers before the month of Ramadan, Al- Hamdallah said this year is better than the previous years in terms of the availability of domestic workers. An Indian domestic worker named Fatima told Al Rai about her experience. “I have reached an agreement with my sponsor to allow me to work on the hourly basis in exchange for paying him KD 1,000 each year as well as cleaning his house on a daily basis.” She added, it is tiresome, but she has to work day and night to save the money for the sponsor and for the family back home to support their basis needs

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