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Friday , February 28 2020

Locust ‘invasion’ under study

KUWAIT CITY, July 4: The head of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries Resources (PAAAFR) Sheikh Muhammad al-Yusuf said the authority is currently working to determine the effects of the wave of locusts that invaded the country during last Ramadan, in preparation for the government to compensate for the fact that it is a natural disaster based on the constitution, reports Al-Rai daily.

In an interview with Al-Rai television Sunday evening, Al-Yusuf said that the authority had ruled out the use of aircraft to spray the locusts, stressing that efforts and cooperation of the competent authorities succeeded in eradicating the locusts by spraying it with insecticides by skilled workers to protect the plants and animals in the area.

He pointed out that the budget of the authority has shrunk, which is an obsession in the provision and implementation of agricultural projects, especially in the new areas, hoping that this is taken into account to increase the green area in Kuwait.

He also pointed out that the authority is waiting to receive land to establish farms and sheds for fish farming, to compensate for the shortage of fish caught from the sea, where fishing has reduced the strategic stock of fish to 25 percent. He said the authority expects to distribute plots for fish farming soon according to controls and public lottery and praised the cooperation of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research with PAAAFR to launch a million larvae to increase the stock of fish wealth.

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