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Wednesday , December 1 2021

‘Life in Jleeb has become difficult and continuation of situation unbearable’

Area residents lament loss of source of income

KUWAIT CITY, April 25: For the residents in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh region, and its two branches – Hassawi and Abbasiya, every day is the same these days. Today is like the day before, and life differs only from history. This is because life is proceeding in a calm and monotonous pace, awaiting the announcement for the lifting of the total lockdown and the return of life to what it was prior to April 6.

Last Monday, the government spokesperson had announced that the situation in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh region will remain the same until further notice. This came as very disturbing news for the residents, especially in light of the loss of their sources of income.

During a tour of the region by the daily to monitor the aspects of life there, many of the residents lamented how difficult life has become, and the continuation of the current situation will be impossible.

While standing in a long queue in front of an ATM machine, Tahsin Abd Al-Radhi said, “Today I will be withdrawing the last remaining money I have. I do not know how I will manage my affairs in the coming period”. He went on to say, “Many of those you see in front of you are currently going through the same situation. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and the disruption of the interests of the State, I have not received even one dinar. I have been spending from the money in my bank account. Today I will be withdrawing the last of what I have. We are waiting for relief from the Lord Almighty.”

With the continued calm of the situation in Jleeb, Hassawi and Abbasiya areas subject to the provision of food commodities to the people of the region, the daily inquired from the cooperative society’s appointed director Ali Hassan about the availability of food commodities in the central market and the four branches of the cooperative society.

Hassan said, “Because we are one of the main organizational units in the region and the source of providing food security for the people of the region, we have taken all the necessary precautions since the beginning of the crisis to provide all food commodities in coordination with the concerned authorities. After a total lockdown was imposed on the region, we have been able to keep pace with this trend. We have doubled our efforts to provide food needs, because there will be social security when there is food security for human beings.”

He highlighted some of the diffi- culties that the society has been facing with the beginning of the crisis, especially those related to companies supplying food commodities as the cooperative society has delayed in paying the outstanding bills to these companies.

Hassan praised the support shown by Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Ministry of Justice, affirming, “It is through this support that we were able to coordinate with most of the major companies that stopped supply of necessities until they responded to our calls and worked on meeting all the needs that enabled the central market and sub-markets to carry out their activities”.

He compared the growth rate during the current period with the same period last year, saying, “The cooperative society has achieved a growth rate of 45 percent, and people have started regaining confidence in the cooperative society after companies resumed their supply activities again.” Hassan affirmed that the cooperative society will be able to meet all requirements and needs of people of the region during the holy month of Ramadan.

He indicated that the cooperative society has launched “online” service for home delivery as well as the service for setting appointments for people to shop inside the cooperative society, revealing, “The Abbasiya Cooperative Society has been allocated to citizens to keep them away from expatriate workers, especially Asians among whom the coronavirus has become prevalent.”

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