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How to do legal proceedings that doesnt cost much time and money

I am working for a major international company in Kuwait, which is undermining the signed contract and Kuwait labour law bit by bit and fraction by fraction. How can I make a legal proceeding that doesn’t cost me much time and money, so it could be worthwhile for me, please?

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Answer: We do not know the nature of these infractions but if you are convinced that the company is undermining its contractual obligations to your disadvantage, then we advise that you file a case against it at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Department in your area. To be frank with you, it will be naive to determine before hand as to whether a legal proceeding that doesn’t cost much time and money without even knowing the nature of the proceeding. Always be guided by the maxim that the wheels of justice grind slowly but grind exceedingly fine when you want to embark on any legal venture.

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