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Leaving Kuwait for good

I will be leaving Kuwait for good by the end of July 2018. Currently I have my parents under my sponsorship. I have the flat, electricity & water and the landline telephone under my name. My questions are as follows:

1. Once my residence is cancelled by the company and given a temporary residence (Article No. 14) till my departure, will this affect my parent’s residence in any way?

2. I don’t intend to cancel the residence of my parents as they will be leaving Kuwait for good, just a few days before me and also for the fact that their residence expires in Sept 2018, which will automatically cancel it anyway. In this case is it a must to cancel the residence beforehand?

3. Regarding the landline telephone, payment is done up till Aug 2018. And since I am leaving for good and also since the landline will disconnect automatically after Aug 2018, so in this case is it a must to cancel the landline telephone?

Name withheld

Answer: Since you are the sponsors of your parents, this means that their residences are tied to yours — meaning that when you cancel yours it means theirs too stand cancelled even though they must still go through the official processes of cancellation at the Immigration Department. If you don’t want to go through these processes of cancellation, then you have to let your parents leave Kuwait before you cancel your residence. If you however cancel your residence while your parents are still in Kuwait you will be compelled to cancel theirs too. If you don’t do that they will not be allowed to exit Kuwait.

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