‘Leakage poses grave threat to Arab nations’ – ‘Act now to shut Bushehr reactor’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30: Recent events validate the call for adopting extra precautions against a possible nuclear leakage at Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran located only 200 kms from Kuwait. It’s clear that Iran will suffer minimal effects in case of an industrial accident, as the nuclear reactor is 1,600 kms from Tehran. In this context, environmental expert Dr Yaqoub Al-Sharrah stated the outcome of nuclear leakage at the Bushehr nuclear reactor will be destructive, in view of frequent earthquakes Iran witnesses each year. He wondered if the Iranian authorities and GCC states have adopted adequate precautionary measures to deal with a possible accident, in the wake of the Japanese nuclear tragedy that caused major devastation.

He pointed out that countries like Sweden and Finland have changed their plans to establish nuclear reactors after the Japanese disaster. He also said human mistakes could prompt a leakage, besides the threat of earthquakes.

He called for removal of the Bushehr nuclear reactor to ensure security of Kuwait and other Gulf countries, as well as the welfare of Iranians and citizens of other neighboring countries.

For her part, former director of KUNA and columnist Eqbal Al-Ahmad said nuclear leakage at the Bushehr reactor will adversely affect the entire region and Kuwait in particular since the plant is only 200 kms away from Kuwait City.

She added Tehran will not be affected by a potential nuclear leak since Bushehr nuclear reactor is located 1,600 kms away, besides high mountains separating Tehran from the site. She added the site is known for earthquakes, and so the water resource of the Gulf and marine ecosystem will be polluted or destroyed completely in case of nuclear accident through which the activities of desalination plants will be halted.

She pointed to dangerous effects of the leakage at Chernobyl nuclear reactor many years ago that continues to cause destruction to this day. Meanwhile, researcher of Iranian affairs Aisha Al-Rasheed said Tehran shall not allow occurrence of nuclear leakage, because they will be most hit by an unlikely incident.

She explained that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries will not sit down and fold their arms, seeing the outcome of potential leakage will be devastating at all levels. She called for the closure of a company owned by an MP loyal to Hezbollah who exports uranium for the benefit of Iran.

In her viewpoint, researcher Asmaa Al-Ajmi disclosed that nuclear leakage at the Bushehr reactor will yield severe consequences on environment, humans, animals, plants, water and air, while the destructive impact is expected to last 10 years as a minimum. She explained the nuclear dust will reach Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, razing lands and polluting air and water. She attributed high rate of cancer in recent times to nuclear radiation.

By Najeh Belal Al-Seyassah Staff

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