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Smart-app accidents without casualties

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 17: MP Mohammed Al- Huwaila has presented a proposal to develop the Ministry of Interior smart phone application such that traffic accidents without casualties can be reported through the application and then receive the police report electronically.

Considering that accidents are one of many causes of traffic congestion, and parties involved in an accident sometimes refuse to move their vehicles without the presence of a police officer, the implementation of a smart system which does not require the presence of a police officer in the accident scene will go a long way in completing the process quickly and for traffic to return to normal.

He pointed out, “We should take advantage of the technological development and implement a smart system through a mobile application in order to allow parties involved in a traffic accident without casualties to take pictures of the scene and file the report according to the instructions. Traffic inspectors and concerned officers will then receive the report and send back all documents required by the parties to address the accident.”

Moreover, prompted by Articles 11 and 15 of the Constitution stipulating social services and healthcare for senior citizens and in the spirit of giving back for their years in service, MP Askar Al-Enizi has proposed the establishment of a hospital, cooperative society and financial relief services for retired citizens.

Most retired citizens need accessible medical facilities and the existing public hospitals might be inconvenient for them, so the MP suggested the construction of two hospitals in Jahra and Sabah medical districts.

He added the pension of some retired citizens is not enough to cover their needs; hence, they need the support of other family members. This is the reason behind his proposal to establish a cooperative society under the umbrella of the Public Institution for Social Security.

He said the cooperative should be managed by retired citizens whose salaries are shouldered by the institution. He also recommended exempting senior citizens, who have commercial licenses, from paying any governmental fee related to their businesses as well as to grant them 20 percent discount in their electric and water bills, and prioritize them in public subscriptions offered by the State.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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