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Large number of young candidates to take part in upcoming elections

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KUWAIT, Nov 13, (KUNA): After official closing of doors for registering for the parliamentary elections 2016 last Oct 28 and announcement of names of candidates by the elections Department, it has become obvious the large number of young candidates compared with previous election periods.

The number of young candidates for the next parliamentary elections stood at 87 male and female candidates aged between 30 and 39 years out of 376, a matter that reflects the eagerness of young people in participating actively in the next electoral process and support the democratic process in the country. Several of the candidates, according to their electoral programs, have reiterated keenness of the Kuwaiti people of all components to give priority to the national supreme interests and strive to maintain the social fabric through active participation in the electoral march so as to achieve more gains and achievements for Kuwait under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al- Jaber Al-Sabah

They stressed the need to give young Kuwaiti nationals the full opportunity to prove themselves to contribute in advancing the wheel of development and reform in light of the evolving regional and international challenges imposed by the region’s crises. On their part, two Kuwaiti academics stressed to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) the need to enhance the awareness of young candidates on the challenges surrounding the country for the sake of forseeing the future and come up with serious and realistic programs as well as ambitious visions on major political, security and economic issues.

In this regard, they stressed the need for certain qualities and characteristics of the young candidates that would enable them to exercise politics and represent the nation in Parliament. Political Science Professor Dr Massouma Al-Mubarak told KUNA that it is natural that new faces emerge in every election cycle, adding that the chance of young people running in every election exist. She added that there are many young people who have found in themselves the ability to run but could not succeed in persuading the different segments of the voters.

She pointed to diminishing chances of youth who present themselves as independent in light of the onevote- system as a bloc has become master of the situation, adding that independent’s opportunity in the race is little compared to the capacity and access to political rallies.

She believed that a few young independents can win Parliament seats, so many of them resort to get recommendation from their peers to ensure greater luck in winning elections.

For his part, Political Sociology Professor Dr Mohammed Al-Rumaihi said that young people are the hope and future of Kuwait in a lot of areas, however, the political arena requires special qualities, notably wisdom, experience and foresight. He added that some young people lack experience in politics, which is an important element that must be available at Member of Parliament as a representative of the people and not himself or for the sake of his community or social group.

The opportunities in the communities are taken and not given, he said, therefore the efficiency of the candidate is at stake, referring to the importance of young candidates being able to deal with community issues well.


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