Monday , September 24 2018

Large number of Indian photographers boycott exhibition on ‘Birds of Kuwait’ – Process followed being objected

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: Large number of Indian photographers in Kuwait refused to participate in the Grand Photography Exhibition on the Birds of Kuwait, which was held few days ago at Kuwait National Library because they objected to the process followed by the organizers in evaluating and selecting the photographs, reports Al-Rai daily.

Reportedly, the problem occurred one day prior to the day of the exhibition when the organizers discovered some photographs that violated the allotted conditions of the exhibition and asked the Indian participants to remove them.

However, the latter insisted on the display of all photographs in the exhibition. Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Photography Society Dr Suad Al-Hamar revealed the exhibition was supposed to be bigger with the cooperation of the boycotted participants but the latter did not cooperate seriously and respect the conditions due to which we were forced to hold a smaller exhibition.

She explained that, “Some amateur photographers from the Indian community in Kuwait came to us few months ago and asked to hold a photography exhibition of the birds of Kuwait under our sponsorship. We gave them the green signal and provided all necessary facilities including discounts. After that we did not see them for two months and then they suddenly appeared two days before the exhibition. We asked them to exclude some photographs that do not meet the conditions of such exhibitions such as photographs of birds in the zoo, and pigeons on the streets and on top of a refrigerator inside a house, because we wondered if these photographs were of nature or not”.

Meanwhile, an Indian photographer Shuman, representing the participants who boycotted exhibition, said, “The organizers were trying to impose on us but we refused because we do not think there is any difference between an Indian and a Kuwaiti when it comes to serving nature”, adding that the photographers will look for another exhibition to showcase their photograp

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