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Landlord problems – Villa rental

First of all I would like to appreciate your service as it helps a lot in understanding the Kuwait laws. Getting further, our house owner has been creating problems for us.

We stay in a Kuwaiti villa, the owner lives in the lower portion of the house where we shifted almost 2 years ago.

Now he either wants the house vacant for unknown reasons or a KD 650 rent (currently it is KD 450).

The landlord has warned us that if we do not vacant the premises in 2 months he will cut the electricity and water supply.

Also, he has removed our main house entrance door and has occupied our car parking space. Also, he had given us a space for store which he now wants emptied … else he will throw everything out. What should be done in such case?

Name withheld
Answer: You have a strange problem — because complaints here can be a double-edged sword. If you have a rental contract, you can always go to a Rents Court in your area and file a complaint but all that will come to nothing if the landlord just says he wants to have the space vacated because he wants the whole building for himself and his family.

If the landlord, however, takes a different stand — which he won’t — you could be lucky as he can’t raise the rent for 5 years from the signing of the contract.

So, it doesn’t matter what the law says on the issue — as you are living in the landlord’s villa — you will have to peacefully negotiate the issue with your landlord.

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