Wednesday , January 16 2019

Lagare haute couture dazzles at 50th ASEAN celebration – His intricate designs evoke beauty in simplicity

His name is synonymous with elegance and beauty. His works are a cut above the rest. His intricate and unique designs evoke beauty in simplicity.

Resty Lagare — the resident designer of Lovely Fashion and one of the top Filipino designers in Kuwait bedazzled everyone as he unveiled his contemporary haute couture collection in the ASEAN 50th founding anniversary diplomatic reception at the Jumeirah Mesillah Beach Hotel & Spa.

Svelte and gorgeous models mostly clad in gold and black exquisite gowns sashayed on the catwalk, all styled by Marlon Aquino Malinao of MARvelous Make-Up Artistry in collaboration with Fashion Fair and hair by Anita of Anita Salon.

Everyone marveled at the haute couture collection in embroidered fabric, tulle, Italian lace and embellished with Swarovski crystals and amazing intricate beadwork.

“I make sure that every dress is unpredictable. I love surprises. I want the audience to have a happy feeling while looking at every dress. It’s not all about the shimmer and dazzle but it’s all about the total package, the statement that every dress carries with it. The models look perfectly sexy but at the same time very appropriate for the diplomatic event and of course, we are in the Middle East, that’s also one factor to consider,” stated Resty who has created masterpieces for members of the royal family, local actresses and other distinguished personalities in Kuwait.

His flair for elegance in haute couture earned him the admiration of his vast clientele ranging from simple folks to royalties.

As one of the most successful and sought-after designers in Kuwait, Resty has mounted various fashion shows in the local scene. He also attended the spectacular 9th Miami Fashion Week in April 2007 in Miami, Florida, USA that brought together fashion, beauty, music and art with a crossover of international style and culture from designers, entertainers and celebrities from all over the world.

Resty has conquered the fashion scene for over two decades now intricately designing exquisite dresses. His couture collection has been showcased in the LA Fashion Week 2016, Phoenix Fashion Week 2016 & New York Fashion Week 2016 & 2017. He also dressed up all the finalists in the Germany’s Next Top Model 2017.

Hollywood stars have also worn his creations and just recently Melanie B looked dazzling in Resty Lagare in the America’s Got Talent. Some of his dresses were also featured in the Nikon USA Worldwide Campaign of the Nikon D50 launch shot by internationally acclaimed wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis.

Resty explores all the possibilities when coming up with his designs. His creativity soars with no limits. His hand glides freely on the drawing book, creating lines, dots and voila! You get a marvelous design that is truly classy.

“I’m deeply humbled and honoured to be a part of the ASEAN 50th celebration and I would like to thank the organising committee for inviting me and special thanks to the MARvelous team led by Marlon Aquino Malinao, the overall stylist, for creating the marvelous look of the models,” quipped Resty. Next week, Resty is all set and excited to unveil his new collection at the LA Fashion Week and Phoenix Fashion Week 2017.

By Michelle Fe Santiago – Arab Times Staff



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