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‘Labour from outside to lower hiring fees’ -‘Durra’ taps new places

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 22, (KUNA): The Cabinet’s decision to assign Al-Durra Manpower Company to bring in workers from new countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, and others will lower recruitment fees and ensure the rights of employers and employees, the company’s General Manager Saleh Al-Wuhaib, said Thursday.

The company is working hard to bring domestic workers from new countries in coordination with the concerned Kuwaiti authorities, Al-Wuhaib told KUNA. He also stressed the company’s efforts to ensure the employees were healthy and fit to work, saying that such efforts will be in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the countries providing manpower. He explained that the company handles all recruitment procedures with a symbolic prices, high efficiency, and speed of completion in addition to qualifying them through courses in their countries.

Al-Durra is the first company in Kuwait to be formed from national bodies concerned with the public’s interest. It was established to achieve a qualitative leap in this type of business, as it carries a national and humanitarian vision in the management of the labor market, he said.

The company started to bring in experienced Sri Lankan cooks with recruitment fees of KD 500-600 ($1,650-1,980). Their salaries range from KD 120-170 ($400- 560). Al-Wuhaib said that external bodies of employment abroad are responsible for determining the fees for labor recruitment in accordance with the laws of those countries, adding that the cost of recruiting Sri Lankan domestic workers was at about KD 960 ($3,215) with the company gaining 10 percent from the recruitment process.

The rise in the cost of recruiting Sri Lankan domestic workers is due to the increase in the fees of the employment offices in Sri Lanka, with range between KD 550-600 ($1,815-1,980), as well as the official procedures of medical examination, transportation and fingerprinting, that coast about KD 240-300. The company receives about 200 daily calls from customers to request the employment of Sri Lankan workers, said Al-Wuhaib. He added that the prices of recruiting labor at private agencies was between KD 1,200-1,500 ($3,960-4,950).

Al-Durra for Manpower Company, in accordance with Law No. 69/2015, is a Kuwaiti company specialized in the recruitment of foreign workers, its ownership is distributed between the Union of Consumer Co-Operative Societies by 60%, General Authority for Investment with 10%, General Organization for Social Insurance 10%, the General Authority for Minors Affairs 10% and Kuwait Airways 10%.

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