Labor sector demands new structure: Al Fadhl – 88 pct of workforce in govt sector

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: National Assembly Candidate Ahmad Nabil Al-Fadhl affi rmed that restructuring of labor market is a required watershed in activating the wheel of development and the potentials of youths — especially as the labor sector demands a new structure, reports Al- Qabas daily.

Al-Fadhl declared that Kuwait is pretty much the only country where 88 percent of the workforce is in government sector, and it’s now important to transform 45 percent of the workforce from becoming employees to the employers of labor by encouraging entrepreneurs in small and medium projects. He observed the explosive number of national workforce prevails in government sector regardless of the current economic situation.

He alleged that government has not adopted any real plan to take care of small projects by encouraging the youth to become involved. He reiterated the Kuwaiti economy is facing the challenge of relying solely on a single source of revenue at a time when oil prices continue dwindling in the international market. He added the situation calls for a smart move to ensure that citizens make a better livelihood without necessarily creating extra burden on the government.

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