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Labor complaints settled, says Egyptian embassy

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 15: The Labor Representation Office in the Embassy of Egypt, which is affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower, has confirmed the settlement of many Egyptian labor complaints with employers, leading to the disbursement of dues for which they filed complaints, reports Al-Rai daily. The office said this is in cooperation with the concerned Kuwaiti authorities and Kuwaiti business establishments, revealing that the compensation and dues paid in October reached KD 23,480.

Egyptian Minister of Manpower Mohammad Sa’afan praised this result as it is a manifestation of the strong coordination between the concerned institutions in the two countries, as well as a response to authentic complaints. Official spokesperson of the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower Haitham Sa’adeddin disclosed “the report of the Egyptian labor attaché in Kuwait showed that 18 complaints were received in October and 12 of which were settled amicably, while three were referred to the judiciary and another three are still under study.”

In addition, the office organized 78 visits, meetings and consultations; including three visits to various government agencies to solve employment problems in these agencies, 18 visits to companies, six meetings and interviews with workers who went on strike, responses to 51 queries, seven meetings with the head of the diplomatic mission, and 17 meetings with the head of the consular mission in charge of labor affairs

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