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Kuwait’s strike ends without any info about actual results – Many questions remain unanswered

Kamal Al-Harami
Kamal Al-Harami

After three full days of the oil workers’ strike, it abruptly ended without any information about the actual results. Did the parties achieve their goals and objectives or are negotiations still ongoing but without the strike? Are we not entitled to know the benefits or drawbacks of the three-day strike and its impact on Kuwait’s economy as well as the revenues the state lost because of the strike? Due to the bad publicity linked with this, will our oil sector be able to prevent such losses resultant from similar incidents in the future?

Did the unions anticipate the bad publicity that they are facing? Was majority in support of their action? What did they learn from their three-day strike? There are many questions that both parties are obligated to answer.

It is the responsibility of the KPC Board to investigate, discuss and declare their findings and recommendations in this regard.

Kuwait has lost more than $160 million in revenues because the production had reduced to 1.5 million barrels per day. Can KPC compensate the volume that Kuwait has lost within the next few days?

Did KPC’s emergency plan work? Did it expect such huge drop in oil production of more than 50 percent? Did our PR work? Did the public receive the corporation’s point of view and support?

We are not here to express our viewpoint. It is the responsibility of KPC and the oil sector to duly investigate, perhaps with some assistance from overseas, and arrive at a clear and proper conclusion. Frankly, we do not think such an investigation will take place either by KPC and the oil sector or the government.

The case is therefore in the hands of the people and they have to decide, even though investigating the loss of state revenues and the bad publicity in this regard for our country is the duty and job of our government.

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By Kamel Al-Harami – Independent Oil Analyst


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