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Wednesday , August 10 2022

Kuwait’s Kayak team members raise environment awareness in Dubai

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Members of Kayak4Kuwait with Emirati officials and members of Kuwaiti consulate.

On Monday, Jan 16, three members of Kuwait’s kayak team (@kayak4kuwait) — Bashar Al-Huneidi, Mansour Al-Safran and Colin Wong — arrived at the coast of Jabal Ali town in Dubai as part as their expedition around the Arabian Gulf with the objective of spreading positive public awareness about marine environment and life, and the risks facing this environment.

In his statement, the expedition leader Bashar Salim Al-Huneidi said, “We experienced bad weather in the sea, which resulted in our delay in arriving Dubai. In some instances, the waves reached 10 feet”, indicating that the success of the trio is based on their persistence to deliver the environmental message to the Arabian Gulf society”.

He revealed that he witnessed widespread pollution and other negative phenomenon in the marine environment during the tour, which started in Kuwait. He urged the concerned authorities in the Arabian Gulf countries to show more care for the marine environment by removing plastic waste materials from the sea.

Al-Huneidi expressed appreciation and gratitude to the facilities that the expedition team received to cross various Gulf stations especially the authorities in the United Arab Emirates.

The trio began their journey from Kuwait almost two months ago in November 2016. They already visited Doha, Capital of Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Their expedition plan is to visit all six GCC member states and a number of Arabian Gulf islands to see the coral reefs and other marine environments.

The expedition chiefly aims at raising awareness about environmental threats to the Arabian Gulf by speaking to governmental officials and community members in each GCC country regarding the need to enforce the existing environmental legislations, incorporate sustainable practices and measures, and provide environmental education in schools.