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Kuwait’s dignity is a red line – Egyptian consulate row picks up steam with counter claims

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 21: The National Assembly continues to interact on the alleged recent attack on a Kuwaiti lawyer Ismail Dashti inside the Egyptian consulate which has developed into a kind of ‘unease’ between the two countries, reports al-Qabas daily.

The Kuwaiti MPs have called for a ‘deterrent action’ and the speedy evacuation of the consulate from its location in Al-Salam area to another non-residential location.

The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly MP Dr Abdulkarim Al-Kandari said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must activate Article 9 of the Vienna Convention towards the Egyptian Consulate, in response to what happened to the Kuwaiti lawyer who was attacked inside it, which is in violation of the Kuwaiti law and Article 41 of the Convention itself.

This is a file photo of Al Hashem became the ninth woman to be elected to Kuwait’s National Assembly since women gained the right to vote. (AFP)

MP Safa’a Al-Hashem said, “I was very concerned about what happened inside the Egyptian consulate since lawyer Dashti was subjected to acts of intimidation inside the diplomatic mission, which is an insult to the State of Kuwait and its symbols.” She called the behavior ‘unacceptable’, whether it is a consulate or the embassy’.

Al-Hashem tweeted on her Twitter account saying “Kuwait’s dignity is a red line, and I have full confidence in the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and its members of the National Assembly and their wisdom to resolve this matter and preserve the dignity of the citizen, and call upon them to summon the citizen and listen to his side of the story so that he knows that the entire Parliament stands behind him and support him.”

She also called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to take note of the matter and demanded to take action against the diplomatic mission. “Moreover, the people of Al-Salam suffer from the actions of this mission, the chaos caused by its presence, the large crowds of Egyptians entering and leaving the region, not to mention the stalled procrastination of their departure from our internal areas. We are fed up with their practices that lack the lowest levels of normal diplomacy.”

Al-Hashem has threatened to use her constitutional tools with full force if the foreign minister does not take a deterrent and firm measure that preserves the dignity of Kuwaitis in their country, and reiterated by saying the dignity of the Kuwaiti which is a red line.

Those who offend Kuwait and its symbols are not worth staying in.” In turn, MP Ahmed Al-Fadhel said he had contacted the Foreign Ministry regarding the case of lawyer Dashti and said he hopes the Egyptian ambassador will take action against the members of the consulate.

Meanwhile, the daily said the Egyptian Foreign Ministry has opened an investigation into the accusations made by a Kuwaiti citizen accusing the Egyptian consulate staff of assaulting and injuring him.

An Egyptian official source told the daily upon instructions of Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, the Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait Tariq Al-Qouni and members of the embassy were contacted and listened to their statements.

The source added the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait has sent its initial report to the Foreign Ministry in Cairo, including details of what happened saying the consulate is considered same as security buildings where photography is forbidden.

The source said the Kuwaiti refused to leave and hurled verbal abuses at the consulate securitymen and its staff, and spat on the embassy security men who were defending themselves.

The source stressed that the embassy members did not and will not treat any Kuwaiti citizen abusively, because any Kuwaiti citizen is the son of Egypt and any Egyptian citizen son of Kuwait. The source confirmed that contacts have been established between the foreign ministries of Kuwait and Egypt to solve the problem.

The source said that extensive investigations are being conducted by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to know the details more accurately, noting that there are people trying to ignite the crisis between the two countries, but the relations are more than excellent and it is impossible for the Egyptian Embassy to take any hostile action against any person or harm a Kuwaiti citizen because “we respect the State of Kuwait and its territory.”

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