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Thursday , November 21 2019

‘Kuwaitis treat their domestics well’

KUWAIT CITY, April 14: Recent statistics by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) indicated 587,696 expatriates constituting 288,982 male and 298,714 female were employed in the Kuwaiti houses as domestic workers before January 2016.

In a recent survey conducted among some domestic workers in order to get a clear idea of their life and situation, the majority of them affirmed that Kuwaiti employers treat domestic workers with kindness, and cases of bad treatment by some Kuwaiti employers are rare or very few.

They pointed to non-payment of salaries and molestation as among the major reasons for domestic workers running away from their employers. Citizen Umm Jassem said she has two housemaids whom she treats with kindness, because the holy prophet directed all Muslims to treat their servants with compassion and kindness.

She stressed the original Kuwaiti families care for their servants. She noted those who mistreat their servants will do the same to other people, because it’s impossible to live by divided principles. For her part, citizen Wafaa Al-Ibrahim pointed out that some servants are well-behaved and they perform their chores as it should be.

She also said she had a housemaid who would wake up late and grin whenever she was asked to prepare breakfast, and she fled the house after a while.

Another citizen, Bader Al-Rashid, is of the view that Kuwaitis in general treat their servants well. He explained that some expatriates who worked in other GCC countries could tell the difference between their former employers and Kuwaitis, indicating they felt very happy working here in Kuwait. Sali Medo, an expatriate who worked in a good Kuwaiti house said her employer treated her very well, but she ran away because she prefers working in the houses of expatriates where she could earn more wages

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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