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Kuwaitis hold on to their properties in Lebanon despite shaky circumstances

‘Kuwaiti nationals always feel at home in Sawfar town’

Khaled Al-Duaij

BEIRUT, Sept 19, (KUNA): Despite the shaky economic, security, and political circumstances, which ironically seem to always be the norm in Lebanon, Kuwaitis continue to hold on to their properties in the neighbouring Arab country. According to a report by the Lebanese Ministry of Finance, most non-Lebanese own properties in the capital Beirut with around 16,174 individuals.

For decades, Kuwaitis focused on owning properties in Mount Lebanon region and they refused to let the surrounding upheaval deter their love for Lebanon.

Reflecting the sentiments of his compatriots, Kuwaiti real estate expert Khaled Al-Duaij told KUNA that thousands of Kuwaitis seek to stay in areas located in the Mount Lebanon region and continue to purchase more properties. The reason for their focus on the Mount Lebanon region is for the cool weather especially during the summer season, said Al-Duaij.

He indicated that Kuwaitis would chose to sell their properties if and only they found a better deal for them and their families’ elsewhere in Lebanon. On the Lebanese side of the coin, real estate advisor Ahmad Al-Khatib affirmed that Kuwaitis were mostly eager to buy properties in Lebanon and namely in the northern region of the country.

Al-Khatib said Kuwaitis are always keen on purchasing real estate in Lebanon, revealing that he carries out most of the business transactions and contracting deals on their part. Meanwhile, Municipal officials of Sawfar town, the Federation of Jourd El Aala — Bhamdoun Municipalities, and the Bhamdoun municipality — Kamal Shiya, Nicholas Al-Habr, and Asta Abu Rijli respectively — had positive statements to share about the presence of Kuwaitis in the region. Shiya, on his part, said that Kuwaitis and GCC citizens in general always feel at home in Sawfar town, affirming that most of them take a meticulous approach when they build their properties, a sign that showcases their willfulness to enjoy their stay in their second home country.

As for Al-Habr, he said that his area seems to thrive and show signs of life once Kuwaitis return to their properties, affirming that people from Kuwait are an integral part of the local community. Bhamdoun’s Abu Rijli said that what defines Kuwaitis is their willingness to buy more properties rather than selling them, which shows how dear the land is to their hearts. Kuwaitis were among the first to have inspected and rebuild their properties after the Lebanese civil war, he affirmed.

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