‘Kuwaitis can travel visa-free to 82 countries, UAE nationals to 122’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 3: Kuwaitis are visa free to 82 countries and the citizens of United Arab Emirates (UAE) can enter 122 countries without restraint or visa, according to a recent research data released by Henley and Partners Research Company, reports Al-Qabas daily. It added German passport holders are considered the most powerful people in the world, while British and Americans have lost their leading position to some extent.

It also said the strength of each country’s passport reflects the number of countries the citizens are able to visit without entry permit. Henley and Partners Company prepared the research indices in collaboration with the International Association of Travel Agencies (IATA), which has the largest database for travel information in worldwide and releases such indices yearly.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) topped other Arab countries. UAE is far ahead of Kuwait considering its passport can enter 122 countries without restraint or visa, as against Kuwait that is visa free to only 82 countries, while Germany attained the current status by virtue of the quality of its passport that enables holders to enter 177 countries out of 218 without visa, the research data indicated.

Britain was on top of the chart last year, alongside Germany, but fell slightly this year after some countries relaxed the restraint against Germany, while the weakest passport in the world is that of Afghanistan whose holders can enter only 25 countries free of visa.

Meanwhile, only 21 countries out of the overall 199 countries maintained their previous rankings and no country slipped below three from the previous status, which shows that procedures for issuing visas have improved.

Malta, which embraces ‘citizenship for investment’ policy, has added two new countries to the list of countries whose citizens can enter without visa, while UAE is on top of all Arab countries, followed by Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Iraq in that order.

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