Kuwaitis breed cattle not only as livestock; Grown also for beauty

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9, (KUNA): Raising cattle is one of the traditional crafts practiced by the Kuwaitis since old times but the animals are not solely grown for meat or milk but also for beauty. Beauty cattle, namely sheep and goats, are kept to be shown at contests, called “mazayen.” They are accorded special treatment, given different food and medical care.

Sheep of such brand are classified by the cattlemen as “Abu Sabeen,” “Taghieer,” “Al-Majabbah” and “Al-Ostoura.” Saad Ruhail Al-Dhafiri, specialized in raising beauty sheep, said in an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the hobby of breeding sheep dated back to the ancestors’ times, who counted on the animals to secure income.

Sheep breeding has noticeably expanded in Kuwait, mainly because a large number of young citizens have invested in the sector. Cattle raisers cross breed the sheep with aim of producing animals of special and attractive appearance, he said, noting that the breeders exchange ideas and expertise regularly, particularly during festivals and contests.

Kuwait tops the Gulf countries in the sector of beauty sheep, Al-Dhafiri said. Anas Al-Ansari, also known as “Al-Nokhatha,” indicated that the young breeders have come up with unprecedented new ideas in cross-breeding and raising cattle. Al-Ansari, a sheep auctioneer, affirmed that the animals’ festivals held in Kuwait are the most lucrative at the regional level. The animals’ beauty features include size of the bones and the head, length of the neck and the tail

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