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Friday , October 18 2019

Kuwaiti Zubaidi (Pomfret) selling at KD 24 per kilo

KUWAIT CITY, March 2: Despite the high prices, Kuwait has been satisfying the needs of fish lovers with different types of fish from Kuwait waters although prices vary, reports Al-Rai daily.

Sources say the price of the big Kuwaiti Zubaidi is 24 dinars per kilo, while the Zubaidi imported from outside Kuwait, especially from Iran and Pakistan is being sold for less than half the price of the Kuwaiti product.

Recently one kilo of Zubaidi from Pakistan and Iran was sold for 6. In the absence of local shrimps, Iranian, Pakistani and Saudi shrimps have dominated the market. Small size shrimps are sold for KD 3 per kilo and medium size KD 6.

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