Wednesday , August 22 2018

Kuwaiti woman ‘stabs’ female compatriot to death over spat

KUWAIT CITY, March 20: A 35-year-old Kuwaiti woman allegedly stabbed to death a 43-year-old female compatriot in Sabah Al-Salem. In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior said the suspect bought a knife at a supermarket in Sabah Al-Salem before heading towards the victim’s house. Initial investigations revealed the two women were talking in front of the victim’s house when the accused took the knife and stabbed the victim several times on her chest. The suspect fled from the scene after the stabbing incident but she later turned herself over to police along with the murder weapon. The victim tried to seek help from her neighbors who called the Medical Emergency Unit which dispatched paramedics. They took her to Adan Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. According to the department, the accused revealed during preliminary investigation that the reason behind the stabbing incident was a previous dispute between her and the victim. The concerned authorities are still conducting investigations to determine the actual circumstances leading to the incident, whereas the accused and the murder weapon remain in custody of police.

Charred body found: The Public Relations and Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interior said a team of security officers discovered the charred body of an unknown person beside a fuel station in Sabah Al-Salem. The department said results of the preliminary investigation and information gathered from a nearby surveillance camera (CCTV) revealed that the unidentified person poured fuel on his own body and set himself on fire. The incident was reported to the Public Prosecution Department while the security officers started investigations to establish the circumstances leading to the person’s death.

‘Fraud’ in insurance registration: The Ministry of Health has admitted that there have been fraudulent activities in procedures related to the registration of health insurance, reports Al-Shahed daily. The sources said the Ministry of Health has signed a five-year contract worth KD 3 million with a company for establishing, furnishing and equipping sites in which the company can initiate its work in collecting health insurance fees, as well as the establishment integrated networks for the transmission of information in exchange for the collection of one dinar from each subscriber. The sources added the company was expected to make KD 650,000 profit annually, but it was found that the ministry extended the contract to 3 more years in addition to giving permission to the company to collect an additional KD 3 fee without obtaining the approval from the authorities and the company made KD 12,720,000 profit during the period of extension, an increase of KD 10,000,770. The sources added the State Audit Bureau has asked for a report on the reasons why the company was granted these benefits and who should be held responsible for loss in revenue for the State Treasury.

Warning on ‘illegal’ weapons: Director- General of Weapons Collection Department, Brigadier AbdulRahman Al- Suheil said legal preparations are being made to raid the homes of citizens whose weapons licences have expired and they have neither been renewed nor the guns been handed over to the concerned department, reports Al-Anba daily. Al-Suheil said action shall be taken against people in cooperation with the Public Prosecution.

Hunt on for 4: Police are looking for four unidentified persons for assaulting an Egyptian and stealing KD 1,700 from him, reports Al-Rai daily. The Egyptian told police the incident happened when he was parking his car in an open ground behind his house in Hawalli. The suspects appeared from nowhere, assaulted him and escaped with the money.

Defense denies ‘fight’: The Ministry of Defense has denied reports being circulated on social communication media platforms concerning a fight that erupted between Kuwaiti military cadets in a GCC nation, affirming all Kuwaiti cadets outside the country are well.

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