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Wednesday , November 13 2019

Kuwaiti woman runs over Syrian girl

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 30: A 12-yearold Syrian girl, who was run over by a vehicle driven by a Kuwaiti woman, breathed her last at Adan Hospital after she was taken there by her father, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to security sources, the girl was walking with her father when a vehicle ran over the girl from behind. The father quickly took to the girl to Adan Hospital but she succumbed to the severe injuries she sustained.

The vehicle was being driven by a Kuwaiti woman who said the father suddenly crossed the street and his daughter quickly followed him, adding that she tried to avoid hitting the girl but was unable to control the vehicle on time. The woman was detained at Fintas Police Station where a case was filed against her.

Meanwhile, a seven-year-old Yemeni boy succumbed to injuries when his father’s car toppled on Kabad Road. Rescue teams and paramedics were sent to the location where they found the injured boy and his father and referred them to a nearby hospital. However, the boy later died.

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