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Friday , January 17 2020

Kuwaiti woman raped by men in uniform – Minister orders strict punishment

KUWAIT CITY, June 11: Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt Gen Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah has, in line with the law, ordered tough punishment for a policeman from the Sentences Enforcement Department (SED), a military officer in the Ministry of Defense for breaching military values and respect for the law, reports Al-Rai daily.

This happened when, according a security source, a Kuwaiti woman was riding in a car and was stopped by a police patrol. She told police, after checking her records, it was discovered that she was wanted to serve a prison term and was referred to the Sentences Enforcement Department.

She added she was handed over to a policeman working for the SED in the presence of a military officer. They made a deal for her release on condition she went with them to a private apartment.

She pretended to accept the deal and her civil ID was returned to her. She then said she wanted to go to a washroom and managed to escape in a taxi. The military officer chased her, forced her out of the taxi, took her to an open ground in Firdous and had sex with her. Without going into more details, the daily said the victim has been referred to a hospital and the suspects to the concerned authority.

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