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Monday , December 5 2022

Kuwaiti passport jumps 7 places, 54th globally

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 12: The ranking of the Kuwaiti passport has risen to the 54th place in the world among a total of 199 in the Henley Index for the first quarter of 2022. This index determines the strength of each country’s passport based on the number of countries its holder is allowed to enter without the need for a visa, reports Al-Rai daily. As per the latest report, the Kuwaiti passport has jumped seven places from 61st in the last quarter of 2021 to 54th in the first quarter of 2022 under the same classification.

However, this rise on the rank ladder did not come through an increase in the number of countries that a Kuwaiti passport holder can enter without a visa, as that number is still 95 countries. The Kuwaiti passport has now come third in the Gulf region after its UAE counterpart, which is of rank 15 globally and has access to 175 countries without visa, and Qatar, which is of rank 53 globally and can enter 97 countries without visa. As for the ranks from the fourth to the sixth in the Gulf region, they were the Bahraini passport (62nd globally), Oman (64th globally), and Saudi Arabia (65th globally).

Regarding the passports of the rest of the Arab countries included in the classification, they occupy varying positions in the following descending order – Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Djibouti, Lebanon, Sudan. The passports of the following Arab countries are at the bottom of the index – Libya, the Palestinian territories, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. As for the passports that occupy the top five ranks globally, they are – Japanese and Singaporean passports sharing the first place, German and South Korean passports sharing the second place, Finnish passport, Italian passport, Luxembourgish and Spanish passports sharing the third place, Austrian passport, Danish passport, French passport, Dutch and Swedish passports sharing the fourth place), and Irish and Portuguese passports sharing the fifth place.

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