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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Kuwaiti ordered to pay KD 800 monthly alimony, car installments for a car worth KD 6,000

KUWAIT CITY, March 24: The Family Court ordered a Kuwaiti citizen to pay KD 800 on a monthly basis to his divorced wife as well as monthly installment for a car worth KD 6,000. Representing the divorced woman was Lawyer Ena’am Haidar who sued the man on behalf of her client for refusing to pay for the personal expenses of his divorced wife and their three children who is under her custody, the salaries of a housemaid and a driver, and cost of a car. According to the verdict, the relevant law dictates that the husband is responsible for providing maintenance (alimony) irrespective of the condition or status of the wife, and the alimony is calculated based on the financial status of the husband regardless of the financial status of the wife. The court also stated that supporting children is the responsibility of the able father if the children are unable to earn a living for themselves , adding that it is a responsibility which never expires until it is fulfilled. Regarding a housemaid, driver and a car, the court said his divorced wife deserves these services as their children are under her custody.

Verdict revoked: The Administrative Circuit of the Court of Appeals revoked the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which dismissed the case filed by a Kuwaiti citizen to demand cancellation of a medical committee’s decision to declare his disability as a minor permanent physical disability. Lawyer Ali Al-Ali filed the case on behalf of his client, insisting that his client’s disability is a severe permanent one. He presented a certificate that was issued previously by the medical committee based on decree No. 49/1996 and decision No. 45/1997 of Minister of Social Affairs and Labor. Lawyer Al-Ali said his client was surprised when the committee issued the decision to reduce the classification of his disability from severe permanent physical disability to minor permanent physical disability.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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