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Kuwaiti mechanic runs car workshop

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: Nawaf Al-Azmi is one among the Kuwaiti citizens who challenges the criticism against Kuwaitis of allegedly avoiding hard labor, reports Al-Anba daily.

He explained that Kuwaiti people, since they managed to adapt to the sea life in the past, will not fail in repairing cars. He has always been fond of car mechanics because of which he opened a small car workshop in Shuwaikh in 1998.

He developed the workshop and supplied it with the necessary equipment in order to make it a large and well known one as it is today. Along these years, he improved his skills and experience through daily work. Al-Azmi revealed that he left his state job as deputy head of a department in a state institution and decided to devote all his time for his workshop, affirming that private sector welcomes citizens who are serious and ready to work hard.

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