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Kuwaiti martyred children … young heroes defying the 1990 Iraqi invaders – They paid the price of their loyalty to Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1, (KUNA): After 27 years from Iraq’s brutal invasion in 1990, Kuwaitis still remember the 41 young and innocent souls of children who were killed by the hands of Iraqi soldiers.

The children, considered as martyrs, were the purest example of how Kuwaitis sacrificed everything to maintain their identity against the Iraqi aggression.

Speaking on the issue, Director General of the Amiri Diwan’s Office of the Martyr, Fatima Al-Ameer said that the children were brutally murdered by invading Iraqi troops who did not recognize the sanctity of the human beings.

Amongst those martyred were Mansour Al-Ibrahim, Abdullah Al-Fuzai, Sulaiman Al-Luhaib, Mansour Al-Mansour, and others who were teenagers at the time of their martyrdom, said Al-Ameer who indicated that some of them were executed simply because they were chanting in favor of the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the lawful Kuwaiti government. Children paid the price of their loyalty to Kuwait such as in the case of Al-Luhaib who protected a resistance cell by claiming the ownership of arms and thus was executed, said Al-Ameer who indicated that the Iraqi troops did not discriminate between infants or teenagers when they committed their crimes.

Remembering the sacrifice made by his brother Abdullah Al-Fuzai, Hamad Al-Fuzai said that Abdullah was killed on Jan 15, 1991 after being recruited by a resistance group.

Abdullah was 14 when he was killed, said his brother, noting that his sibling was tasked with helping people in Farwaniya area and also worked at the cooperative society in the area.

The bodies of Abdullah and his childhood friend Mansour Al-Mansour were discovered at Kaifan area, a sight which was very common in Kuwait during the heinous invasion, said Hamad Al-Fuzai.

Despite the passage of time, Kuwaiti martyrs of all ages are still remembered for their sacrifices by all people living in the free and sovereign State of Kuwait.

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