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Kuwaiti man leaves country as Emirati, returns as Kuwaiti

KUWAIT CITY, May 18: A Kuwaiti has filed a complaint with the authorities accusing an immigration officer of creating a new database and helping a man to leave the country as ‘Emirati’ and returning to Kuwait as a Kuwaiti, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to sources a Kuwaiti was leaving the country and during the completion of formalities, he produced his Emirati identity. After checking the ID, the officer found that there was no data on him in the state apparatus, and ‘forced’ one of the officers to create a new database for him to leave the country.

Three days later the man returned to the country with a Kuwaiti civil card and records showed there was no record of leaving the country. The security officers later discovered he had left the country on the strength of the Gulf ID, which raised the question marks about the database that was created when he left.

The officer in charge of the database was summoned and investigated. A security source said, “the officer, during interrogation, stated that he did not know that the person who traveled on the Emirati ID was Kuwaiti, because he presented his Gulf card and when his name was not found in the system he had to create a new database to document his departure.”

A security source said the Kuwaiti has been summoned for interrogation to know the circumstances of the incident and the reasons for leaving on his Gulf ID and returning on the Kuwaiti ID before taking legal action against him.

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