Kuwaiti man jailed for violent sex with girlfriend

KUWAIT CITY, April 2: The Court of Appeals sentenced a Kuwaiti man to three years and eight months in prison with hard labor for allegedly forcing his girlfriend to have sexual intercourse with him. He is said to have assaulted the girl physically and inflicted severe pain on her. Civil aspects of the case have since been referred to the concerned court. Lawyer Abdul-Mohsin Al-Qattan represented the victim in court. The Public Prosecution Department accused the defendant of having carnal knowledge of his girlfriend against her will, and overpowering her through physical assault. Medical report was submitted to support the claim. The citizen and his girlfriend were in a relationship for four years until that fateful day when he visited her home to collect some things he had forgotten inside her car. The girl asked him to leave the place but he took advantage of the fact she was alone and returned later to have sex with her by force. She reported the incident to the police thereafter.

Trial adjourned: The Criminal Court adjourned to April 16 the hearing of the case filed against an Egyptian DAESH member who was accused of planning to carry out terrorist acts in Kuwait and of attempted murder of two Americans. According to the case file, the suspect was arrested after it was proven that he was planning to carry out terrorist acts in the country. The concerned authorities first became suspicious after he joined the DAESH organization. He had then targeted five Americans and deliberately hit their vehicle with a cleaning truck owned by a contracting company, resulting in injuries and fractures to the victims.

Company penalised: The Court of Appeals has obliged a company to pay seven percent interest because of its delay in payment of a debt which was due in February 2012. Lawyer Mubarak Al-Khashab, on behalf of his client, filed a case demanding the defendant (defaulting company) to pay the rest of the amount agreed between them in a commercial deal. He explained the circumstances of the lawsuit in the court and presented supporting documents. The case was referred to experts to ascertain the amount owed by the defendant. According to the experts’ report, the defendant owed KD 10,000. After Lawyer Al-Khashab requested for amendments, the experts reissued the report with a legal interest worth seven percent from the date the debt was due, which was in February 2012.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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