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Sunday , November 18 2018

Kuwaiti man acquitted of raping daughter of female companion

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: The Criminal Court has acquitted an unidentified Kuwaiti of the charges of raping the daughter of his female companion in his house. Defense Attorney Zaid Al-Khabbaz told the court the plaintiff went to the home of the defendant willingly and at a very late hour which proves that whatever happened between the plaintiff and the defendant was with mutual agreement , which in other words means there was no criminal intent. Al-Khabbaz also told the court the claim is malicious and pointed to the contradictory statements between what the mother said and what is contained in the medical report. He added, according to the penal code, there is no penalty if the alleged victim in more than 21 years old. He added any penalty must be based upon a law and there is no penalty for the crimes that have been committed before the enforcement of the relevant law.

Blogger sued: An Emirate national through his Lawyer Hussein Al-Asfour filed a petition with the Prosecutor General against a Kuwaiti blogger for insulting United Arab Emirates (UAE) and her leaders. In the petition, Al-Asfour accused the respondent of posting blogs in August and October attacking some Arab countries, especially the UAE. He said the respondent used a program he prepared to attack the UAE, and meddled in her internal affairs. He is alleged to have used derogatory statements to describe the leaders and humiliated them by treading on the dignity of leaders and citizens of the country. He was also accused of posting the recorded clips in batches via social networking sites, including Twitter, snapchat and Instagram. He stressed the respondent called the leaders and citizens of UAE unprintable names with fabrication of lies that could not be substantiated, with regard to UAE cutting ties with a country to which the respondent is loyal.

Lawyer’s jail upheld: The Court of Appeals upheld the five years imprisonment with hard labor sentence imposed by the First Instance Court on Attorney Hani Hussein in a case related to State Security as he was accused of posting and spreading false news through his Twitter account about a man from Bangladesh who, he said, impersonated a Kuwaiti doctor and that he obtained Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently. Case files indicate Hussein claimed in his posts on Twitter that the Bangladeshi man took advantage of the long absence and death of his sponsor who worked in a ministry. The sponsor traveled to Sweden and stayed there for a very long time before his demise, so the Bangladeshi stole his identity but the Ministry of Interior denied it. Although the accused denied the charge at the initial stage of the case, the prosecution conducted investigations in total secrecy for the benefit of the public, affirming that a case was filed against the lawyer in order to protect the reputation and integrity of doctors and other medical professionals in this country.

7 yrs for blogger: The Court of Appeals sentenced a Kuwaiti Twitter user to seven years in jail with hard labor for being a member of DAESH, misusing the telephone and possessing weapons, ammunition and drugs, reports Al-Rai daily.

By Jaber Al-Homoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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