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Kuwaiti, Lebanese women killed in domestic dispute

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 9: Kuwait Friday witnessed two murder crimes in two separate families, which indicate the prevalence of the phenomenon of domestic violence in the society. In the first incident, a Kuwaiti citizen residing in Adan area killed his daughter by battering, burning and strangling her under the claim that she did not have any respect towards anyone.

In the second incident, a Lebanese woman residing in Keifan area beat and kicked her mother of same nationality until she dropped dead. Her reason was that her mother refused to give her permission to visit the grave of her father.

In detail, the corpse of a Kuwaiti woman in her 30s was delivered to the Forensics medical examiner in Dajeej area. The corpse appeared to have fresh burn marks on the hand caused by a lighter, which prompted Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives to round up all the members of her family for interrogations.

The members of the family unanimously insisted that the deceased committed suicide. They all denied having any information about the motive behind her suicide and they also denied knowing the cause for the bruises and burns on her body.

After the forensic report indicated that the deceased sustained severe injuries due to hard beating, strangulation and intentional burning, the detectives summoned the members of the family the second time and questioned them individually.

During interrogation, the father of the deceased confessed that he was responsible for his daughter’s death, justifying his action by accusing her of lacking respect and regard for anyone. He insisted that he and his wife tried several times to advise her on the importance of respecting elders, but every time he spoke to her about it, she responded in disrespectful manner due to which he lost his temper and punished her severely, which however led to her death.

Meanwhile, in the second incident, a Lebanese girl called the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior to report that her mother, who is in her 60s, passed away in their studio apartment in Keifan area due to old age and sickness. Initially, the incident was registered as ‘natural death’.

However, police detectives, after examining the body, discovered some bruises, which raised doubts about the cause of death. Sources from Ministry of Interior explained that the autopsy report indicated that the death did not occur under natural circumstances and that the deceased had tried to crawl before taking her last breath. Detective officers interrogated the housemaid and every member of the family including relatives.

During interrogations, the daughter admitted to committing the crime because her mother refused to allow her to visit her father’s grave on the first day of Eidul- Adha, adding that her mother hated her father. She explained that she hit her mother with her hands and kicked her for ten minutes until she collapsed. She continued to beat her mother violently when the latter attempted to crawl outside the room. The suspects of both crimes have been arrested and referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

By Meshal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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