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Saturday , April 20 2019

Kuwaiti girl beats up eve-teaser in Salmiya

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: A Kuwaiti girl hit an eve-teaser on his head with a water bottle inside a commercial complex in Salmiya area when he stalked her, demanded that she take his mobile number and insulted her when she refused.

According to security sources, the girl was shopping inside the commercial complex when she noticed a man wearing casual attire follow her. He came close to her and demanded her to take his mobile number.

When she refused and walked away from him, he kept following and trying to walk next to her. When she tried to get the attention of the security guards for help, the suspect insulted her. She then hit him on his head with a water bottle, after which he ran away.

When securitymen received information about the incident, they noted the description of the suspect from the girl and launched investigations to fi nd him.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti woman along with her daughter went to Khaitan Police Station and lodged a complaint against an Egyptian expatriate who works in a shop, accusing him of harassing her. Securitymen arrested him and referred him to the concerned authorities for investigations and necessary legal action


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