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Tuesday , February 18 2020

Kuwaiti ‘expelled’ from family home stirs panic, steals from 3 cars, assaults police

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: After a Syrian drunkard created panic among bystanders when he tore his clothes and ran naked on the streets of Khaitan , according to what was published by the Al-Rai daily, the people at the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Cooperative Society witnessed a shameful act when a Kuwaiti broke into three cars, stole their contents and when the security patrol arrived, he danced over the police car and beat one of the securitymen, reports Al-Rai daily.

When he was finally controlled, his friend allegedly helped him escape, and later police discovered that the man had been expelled from the family home.

This happened when the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received a report that a man was wearing only pants and breaking into vehicles parked in the area. Police rushed to the area and saw the man breaking into one of the cars.

When police surrounded him, he allegedly climbed on the police patrol car and started dancing and hurled insults at no one in particular. When police managed to grab him, someone entered the fray and helped the man to escape.

The police then arrested this man took him to the police station and charged him with helping a wanted person escape from police. After a short time, the Ministry of Interior released a statement and announced the man was arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution.

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