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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Kuwaiti diplomat survives shooting spree

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KUWAIT CITY, April 25, (Agencies): Diplomat at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington, Muhammad Rashid Al-Amiri, escaped certain death, after a gunman began shooting near the school surroundings in front of which the Counselor was waiting to collect his children from school, who fortunately were inside their classroom when the shooter began shooting randomly, reports Al-Rai daily. A diplomatic source told Al-Rai that there were no motives for the shooting calling it random, and that 14 bullets hit the car of Al-Amiri, who was surprised by the incident, especially because the gunman then committed suicide. In this context, the Washington City Police announced they found the body of the gunman, shortly after the incident that took place on a Washington Street Friday night, noting that he randomly fired at passersby and wounded a man, two women and a 12-year-old girl.

The Kuwaiti diplomat Muhammad Rashid Al-Amiri

According to the police, the incident took place at the intersection of two main streets near the UDC campus in the Northwest region. The police stated that they later found the body of a person in an apartment in a nearby building, who is believed to have shot and then committed suicide, as there were a number of firearms usually used by snipers next to the body. In a press conference, the city’s police chief, Colonel Robert Conte, said that it is likely that the suspect committed suicide during an attempt by security forces to storm his apartment, which turned out to be a sniper’s den, where 6 firearms of various types were found, along with a large amount of live ammunition.

While he refused to reveal the identity of the suspect, he indicated that the police had stopped the search for another notorious person, Raymond Spencer, who was initially suspected of carrying out the crime. Officials from Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the staff of the Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington, as well as officials of the US State Department, as soon as they received information about the incident in order to check on Al-Amiri’s condition and follow up the progress of the investigations.

The sources stressed that the concerned staff in the embassy will follow up with the American authorities to obtain all the details of the incident. They said the information they have received so far indicate that the incident was random and unintentional, and there is no evidence of Al-Amiri being the target. The sources revealed that the gunman randomly fired more than 14 shots, many of which hit Al-Amiri’s vehicle, and the rest wounded a number of people in the vicinity.

A suspect in Washington, DC, shooting that left four people injured used the “sniper-type setup” and fired more than 20 rounds, authorities said Friday. Earlier, authorities told people in the area of Van Ness Street, NW, and Connecticut Avenue, NW, in the Van Ness neighborhood, to shelter in place. The Edmund Burke prep school was locked down, and parents hoping to retrieve children were told to wait, Emerman said. Contee said it wasn’t clear if the alleged gunman had a connection to the Edmund Burke school. Mayor Muriel Bowser said late Friday that they were beginning to reunify those students with their families. Bowser described looking into the eyes of parents who were terrified thinking of what might have happened to their children.

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