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Tuesday , January 25 2022

Kuwaiti citizen wanted in civil cases, murder bid held with liquor

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: A Kuwaiti citizen, who is wanted by law in four civil cases and a murder attempt, was arrested in Saad Al-Abdullah area in possession of liquor and drugs. According to security sources, Jahra securitymen were patrolling Saad Al-Abdullah area when they noticed a speeding vehicle. When they demanded the motorist to pull over, the latter refused.

This forced the securitymen to chase him. Eventually, securitymen managed to force the suspect to stop and they checked his details to discover he is a Kuwaiti citizen who is wanted by law for four civil cases and one murder attempt case. They searched his vehicle to find a bottle of imported liquor and a sachet of methamphetamine. He was arrested and referred with the illicit items to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action. Meanwhile, securitymen arrested four individuals for consuming and possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia. In addition, Jahra securitymen arrested a Kuwaiti citizen and an Arab national for stealing camps. All arrested suspects were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Fire ravages market: A huge fire raged through the central handicraft market in Jahra area, resulting in material losses but no casualties. According to the police report, when the Control Room of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate received information about the fire, firefighters from Jahra and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Fire Stations rushed to the location to discover the fire had consumed part of the roof and many shelves inside the market. They managed to extinguish the fire within a short time before it spread further. Investigations have been launched to determine the cause of the fire. Meanwhile, fire broke out in a house in Taima, Jahra area. No casualties were reported but material losses were incurred. Firefighters extinguished the fire within a short time and launched investigations to determine its cause.

Driving ‘drugged’: A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested in Fintas area for driving under narcotic influence and possessing drugs. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling Fintas area at night when they suspected a Jeep and ordered the motorist to pull over. They checked his details and discovered he is a Kuwaiti citizen. Sensing his disoriented state, they checked him to find drugs and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested and referred with the illicit items to the Drugs Control General Department for necessary legal action. Meanwhile, Mubarak Al-Kabeer securitymen arrested two Kuwaiti citizens for consuming alcohol and possessing a bottle of imported liquor.

 ‘Catch me if you can’: The Ahmadi police have arrested a Kuwaiti for consuming alcohol and helping a compatriot and his girlfriend to escape from police, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said the Ahmadi patrolmen stopped a car with three people inside because the man behind the wheel was driving recklessly. At this point one of the two young men got out of the car carrying two bottles of whisky one in each hand and started walking. He told police ‘catch me if you can’. As the policemen ran after the man, the couple drove off and escaped from police.

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