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Saturday , February 22 2020

Kuwait urges halting all acts of aggression against Palestinians

Kuwait’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Bader Al-Munayekh during the speech at the UN session on the situation in the Middle East

NEW YORK, April 30, (KUNA): Kuwait called on the international community to protect Palestinian civilians and pressure Israel to halt all acts of aggression against them. This came in a speech by Kuwait’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Bader Al-Munayekh at the UN session on the situation in the Middle East late Monday. “Palestine can not remain an exception to this rule.

The international community must abide by the international mandate of UNRWA and secure the resources and financial contributions necessary for its budget and activities,” Al-Munayekh stressed. “Today we commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the Israeli occupation, the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, the 25th anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre and the first anniversary of ‘The Great March of Return’ demonstrations”, he noted, adding that Israel’s ongoing occupation limits chances for peace and denies the Palestinian people its legitimate rights. He added that the occupying power continues pushing forward with its illegal settlement activities, demolitions and forced displacement of civilians while tightening its 12-year-old siege of Gaza.

“The occupying power makes unilateral decisions, refuses to review the mandate of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron and is attempting to change the historical character and demographics of Jerusalem,” he said. Turning to the Syrian Golan Heights, Al-Munayekh said recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over that territory is a violation of UN Charters and relevant international laws and agreements. He noted that the report of the Human Rights Council’s Independent Inquiry to investigate protests at the Gaza fence in 2018 found that the use of force by the Israeli Defense Force led to 183 deaths and many more injuries, saying that such actions amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“The ongoing siege of Gaza constitutes a violation of international norms,” he further noted. He stressed the importance of supporting peace efforts to end the Israeli occupation imposed since 1967 and allow Palestinians to fully restore their legitimate political rights and establish their independent state on their land, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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