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Kuwait TV forms committee for drama works

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Panel starts meetings to develop Ramadan program map

Souad Abdulla (right) and actress Maram

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8: Kuwait Television has formed a committee for the drama works for the next Ramadan session which will be responsible for choosing the local Ramadan drama and program television series, according to certain criteria. The committee has started its meetings to develop a Ramadan program map at an early date, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The committee is chaired by Assistant Undersecretary of the TV Sector Saud Hamad Al-Khaldi, and Vice- President Assistant Undersecretary for the Press, Publishing and Publications Sector Muhammad Abdul Mohsen Al-Awash, in addition to the membership of the directors of coordination, performance, production and cultural programs in the TV.

The Ramadan programmatic map will be local and of interest to the Minister of Information, Minister of State for Youth Affairs Muhammad Nasser Al-Jabri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information Munira Sulaiman Al-Huwaidi, and a followup by the Assistant Undersecretary of the TV Sector Saud Hamad Al-Khaldi, as well as the cooperation of administrative and financial authorities at the Ministry of Information.

This comes after the TV decided to attract all the local drama works for the Ramadan session this year according to the “distinctive purchase” system and not the executive producer. The TV set a deadline for local artistic production institutions to deliver the works at the end of January or latest by mid-February next Among the new local series that will be shown on the Kuwait TV screen in the upcoming Ramadan session are the series “Paradise of my Family “ Jannat Ahli “ by Souad Abdullah, written by Nouf Al-Mudhaf, and the series “Umm Haroun” by the artist Hayat Al-Fahd, written by Muhammad and Ali Shams, and Hoda Hussein in the series “A Passion” for the author Alaa Hamza.

The TV attracted ten series in the Ramadan session last year: “The Storm, Planting Friendliness, I have text, limits of evil, conditional release, bosom of thorns, Al-Derva, Zamani Ramani, Moudhi, a piece of gold, from me and in me .”

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