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‘Kuwait, Sweden respect human rights’

Kuwaiti lawmakers during their meeting with Swedish foreign undersecretary
Kuwaiti lawmakers during their meeting with Swedish foreign undersecretary

BERLIN, Oct 13, (KUNA): A Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation, headed by Saud Al-Heraiji, held talks on Tuesday with Swedish Foreign Undersecretary Magnus-Helgegren on various political issues of common interest. The Swedish official said in a statement that his nation highly appreciates relief aid, provided by the State of Kuwait for Syrian refugees, and praised in particular its hosting of three international relief conferences to aid them.

Helgegren, whose country receives more than 10,000 Syrian refugees per week, affirmed that his nation is seeking to help them cope with the hardships. In response to a question by MP Hamdan Al-Azmi as how Sweden copes with this mounting number of refugees, the official indicated that the Swedish authorities are trying to merge them into the society. Sweden, he added, cannot slam door in face of the immigrants and thus it is trying in coordination with the other EU member countries to distribute them fairly among the member states.

Total number of Syrian refugees who have settled in the country so far is estimated at 100,000. For his part, the Kuwaiti lawmaker, Saud Al-Huraiji, stated that Kuwait and Sweden respect human rights and their common advocacy to support refugees entails their backing for the Syrians in hardships. MP Humoud Al-Hamdan expressed gratitude to Sweden for its efforts for proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after the Iraqi aggression on Kuwait as well as its support for the Kuwaiti just cause.

For his part, Mohammad Al-Hadya said Kuwait highly appreciates the accord with Sweden for cooperation to occupy a non-permanent seat in the Security Council, noting necessity that it reopen its embassy in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti delegation of lawmakers is currently on a European tour including Estonia.

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